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Organic fertilizer equipment production line efficiently treats and reuses livestock manure


The feces contain a large amount of protein, inorganic matter, fat, dietary fiber, residual digestive juice, cells exfoliated from the intestinal tract, roundworm eggs, Escherichia coli, etc, and even contain nutrients such as vitamin K and vitamin B. The organic fertilizer device can produce and process large pieces of urban waste and livestock manure into organic fertilizer. The extensive use of organic fertilizer can not only gradually transform agriculture and animal husbandry into zero-pollution agriculture and animal husbandry, but also make a large number of organic products, fruits and vegetables. Walking into everyone's table can also make organic fertilizer companies make a lot of money.

Organic fertilizer equipment production process:

1. First, the raw materials such as animal manure should be fermented and decomposed, and the harmful bacteria in the whole fermentation process can be killed, which is also the most important in the whole organic fertilizer manufacturing process.

2. Secondly, the half-wet material crusher of organic fertilizer pulverizing equipment should be used to preliminarily decompose the raw materials.

3. After the material is evenly stirred, it is necessary to granulate, which is also the most important part of the entire organic fertilizer production line process.

4. The material obtains high temperature during the drying process, and then needs to be cooled. Because water cannot be used for cooling, drum fertilizer cooler equipment is required here.

5. Screening is to screen out unqualified granules of fertilizer, and unqualified materials will also be returned to the production line for qualified treatment and reprocessing. The screening equipment here has the advantages of high efficiency and easy operation.

6. Packaging is the last link in fertilizer equipment, in order to protect the product during the circulation process, facilitate storage and transportation, and improve production efficiency.