• Half-wet Material Crusher
  • Half-wet Material Crusher

Half-wet Material Crusher

Half-wet material crusher is an advanced smashing technology at home and abroad, which has been researched, improved and manufactured by many years of production experience, It combined with many years of machines production experience of our factory. Thi
Model: BSFS-40/BSFS-60/BSFS-80      
Motor Power: 1-2/2-4/3-6
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The half-wet material crusher plays a vital role in the process of wet material processing and utilization. It can effectively crush the unique wet viscosity of the wet material, and after years of practice, it has been proved that the crushing effect is outstanding, and the semi-wet material crusher rarely occurs. The common phenomenon of material blockage in other equipment is favored by more and more customers. The half-wet material crusher can effectively process various high-humidity materials, which is directly related to its unique structure design and working principle.

The half-wet material crusher uses a high -speed roating blade to pulverize the fiber with good particle size,high efficiency and high engery. The half -wet material crusher is mostly used in the production and processing of organic fertilizer and the smashing of production and processing of organic fertilizer, and the smashing of chicken manure, humic acid and other raw  materials have a good effect. The successful development of the half-wet material crusher has played an important role in shortening the production process of bio organic fertilizer and compost, it also can reduce the investment of equipment and save the operation cost.
The half-wet material crusher allows the moisture content of bio-fermented organic fertilizer material reach to 25-50%. Its crushing granularity is able to reach the requirements of granulation, also can be adjusted in a certain range according to the client’s requirement. It has played a role in crushing the hard materials such as glass, ceramics, brick and gravel in the organic waste of municipal solid waste, so as to achieve the safety. This is an ideal machine for fertilizer production and processing factories. 
1. The half-wet material crusher adopts the two stage rotor up an down two crusher,and the material passes through the upper-stage totor pulverizer to form fine particles and then is transpoted to the lower-stage rotor to continue pulverization into fine powder to reach the most of the powder material and the hammer powder. Good effect, the last discharge port is directly discharged.
2. The half-wet material crusher does not have a sieve mesh bottom,and more than 100 kinds of materials can be crushed and never blocked. Even materials that have just been taken from the water can be crushed,and will not be clogged by the wet material,causing the motor to burn ut and affecting production.
3. The machine adopts high-alloy wear-resistant hammer head. The hammer piece is made of forged,which is particularly strong and wear-resistant. It is stronger and more wear-resistant than the ordinary hammer head,which increases the severice life of the hammer.
4. The half-wet material crusher adopts the two-way lshing technology. If the hammer is worn,it does not need to be repaired, and the position of the moving hammer can be used continuously. The material size of the material can be controlled by adjusting the gap between the hammer and the liner.
5.The half-wet material crusher adopts high-tech technologyand can be easily operated by only one person, which is not only safe and reliable, but also easy to maintain.
6.The half-wet material crusher concentrates the lubricaation syatem for oil injection. Under normal work,the lubricant can be injected without stopping.
Model BSFS-40 BSFS-60 BSFS-80 BSFS-90
Capacity (t/h)
1~2 2~4 3~6 4~8
Particle size (mm) 0.5~5 0.5~5 0.5~5 0.5~5
Power (kW) 22 30 37 45
Dimensions (mm) 960×560×850 1632×1560×1180 2100×2060×1800 2500×2040×1800
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