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The hazards of untreated raw materials in the fertilizer production line


Hazards of untreated raw materials in fertilizer production lines:
1. Infectious diseases and insect pests. Stool contains bacteria and pests such as coliforms and nematodes. Direct use can cause disease transmission, and check pets and crop diseases,
It has an impact on the health of people who eat agricultural products. When uncontaminated organic matter is fermented in the soil, it is easy to breed bacteria and pets and cause crop diseases.
The hazards of untreated raw materials in the fertilizer production line
2. Fermentation and burning seedlings. After field application, when the fermentation conditions meet the requirements, the unfermented organic fertilizer and other organic materials are fermented under the action of microbial activity. When the fermented part is close to the root and the crop plants are finer, the organic matter content in the fermentation product is higher, and the fermentation The heat generated will affect the growth of crops, and in severe cases, it will burn the roots of the crops and cause plant death. Whether in the organic fertilizer production line or in the NPK fertilizer production line, the fertilizer granulation of untreated raw materials will cause great damage to the fertilizer equipment.
3. Gas hazards
4. The soil is hypoxic. Organic matter consumes the oxygen in the soil during the decomposition process, which makes the soil temporarily in an oxygen-deficient state and inhibits the growth of crops
5. Slow manual effect. Most of the organic fertilizers that are not fermented with nutrients are in the organic state or slow-acting state, and can be directly absorbed and utilized by the crops only when they are decomposed and transformed into an effective state. Therefore, direct application of unfermented organic fertilizer can slow down the fertilizer effect. The fertilizer equipment I recommend for fertilizer granulation is the Double Roller Granulator.
6. Use directly without treatment, large amount of feces, low effective ingredients, inconvenient transportation, and high cost of use
The above is the introduction of Zhengzhou Huazhiqiang on the raw materials and treatment of organic fertilizer. We also have a professional NPK production line, sign a contract with us to understand our production situation!