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The main technology of producing organic-inorganic compound fertilizer


The main technology of producing organic-inorganic compound fertilizer:
(1). Crushing of raw materials: All raw materials in the npk fertilizer production line are crushed to less than 1mm, and weathered coal, peat, lignite, etc. containing humic acid need to be crushed to 0.2mm. Superphosphate and urea are crushed with chain or hammer mills. Urea cannot be crushed with high-speed mills, so as to avoid excessive temperature, dissolving urea and increasing the viscosity of the material, which will affect the crushing effect.
The main technology of producing organic-inorganic compound fertilizer
(2). Pretreatment of raw materials: including
1) Harmless treatment. Organic materials need to be dried or air-dried to below 20% of water content, then subjected to high-temperature composting or fermentation, or chemically treated for pollution-free treatment. All raw materials in the fertilizer production line must be pre-treated.
2) The adjustment of the pH of the mixture is mainly to add a certain proportion of calcium magnesium phosphate to neutralize the free acid in the superphosphate. The general principle is that the pH value of the mixture is controlled within the range of 5.5-6.8 to ensure the effectiveness of nutrients. For example, furfural slag can be combined with calcium-magnesium phosphate fertilizers, and the stone can be combined with filter mud with higher calcium carbonate. Note: To neutralize the free acid of superphosphate, lime (calcium carbonate) should not be used, because lime has a high pH value, which can easily cause local pH to be too high and affect the effectiveness of phosphorus. When the fertilizer is granulated, we recommend the double roller granulator, the stranding granulator and the disc granulator.
3) Carry out necessary ammoniating treatment. For humic organic materials (lignite, peat, weathered coal, etc.), 15% ammonia water should be added at room temperature before mixing with inorganic fertilizers, which is a favorable humic acid conversion Ammonium humate, solid-liquid ratio is 1:1.5, peat ammonia water ratio is 1:0.05, after soaking for 1h, drying at 105°C, and then mixing and granulating according to the formula.
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