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How to use the compound fertilizer produced by the npk fertilizer production line


Precautions for compound fertilizer produced by npk fertilizer production line:
The advantages of npk fertilizers are high nutrient content, few side components and good physical properties. They play a very important role in balancing fertilization, improving fertilizer utilization, and promoting high yield and stability of crops. But it also has some disadvantages. For example, the nutrient ratio is always fixed, but the types, quantities and ratios of nutrient elements required by different soils and different crops are different. Therefore, it is necessary to test the soil before use to understand the texture and nutritional status of the field soil, and pay attention to the application of unit fertilizer to achieve better results.
How to use the compound fertilizer produced by the npk fertilizer production line
The concentration of the npk fertilizer produced by the npk production line varies greatly, so care should be taken to select the appropriate concentration. At present, most compound fertilizers are configured according to the average nutrient status of soil types in a certain area and the ratio of fertilizer required by crops. There are a series of compound fertilizers with high, medium and low concentration on the market. Generally, the low concentration of total nutrients is between 25%-30%, the medium concentration is between 30%-40%, and the high concentration is above 40%. According to different regions, soils and crops, choose to use economical and reliable compound fertilizers. Generally, high-concentration compound fertilizers are used for cash crops, with good quality, little residue and high utilization rate. The concentration of compound fertilizer is very high, so direct contact between seeds and fertilizer should be avoided. The nutrient content of compound fertilizer is very high. Direct contact with seeds or roots of seedlings will affect the emergence of seedlings, and even burn the seedlings and rotten roots. When sowing, the seeds should be separated from the hole application and stripping application of compound fertilizer by 5-10 cm. The double roller granulator is our recommended fertilizer granulator for compound fertilizer processing equipment. It can produce compound fertilizer or organic fertilizer.
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